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Lash Rescue - Growth Serum

Lash Rescue - Growth Serum

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HOW DO I APPLY LASH RESCUE? Apply lash rescue growth serum along the top lash line once a day, similar to how you would apply a liquid eyeliner. HOW LONG UNTIL I SEE RESULTS? Most users begin to see results in just 28 days of consecutive use. For optimal results, use everyday for 2 months. CAN I USE LASH RESCUE WITH EYELASH EXTENSIONS? Absolutely! It will actually assist in retention, as Lash Rescue works by slowing down the lash shedding cycle. It will also assist in the fullness of your sets as there are more lashes to lash. It is free of oil so will not break down the glue. HOW LONG WILL A BOTTLE LAST FOR? A 3ml bottle should last you 4 months. With lash rescue, Only a small amount is needed. Applying once a day is sufficient. WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS? Lash Rescue is all natural, vegan & animal cruelty free. CAN I USE THIS PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING? Lash Rescue is an all natural product, however, prior to use we suggest to show your midwife or GP the list of ingredients for confirmation. This decision needs to be yours & your doctors. Folium Isatidis extract, Platycladi extract, Nigella Sativa extract , Radix Polygoni Multiflori Preparata, Coral extract.

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