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Brow Soap

Brow Soap

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Do you want INSTANTLY thicker and fuller brows? More voluminous brows? Fuller and fluffy brows? Brows that stay in place the WHOLE day and night? A brow product that is cruelty free, hypo-allergenic and vegan? Do you want to grow your brows thicker and full the natural way, free from harsh chemicals? Australia's number one Brow Styling & Growth product and a must-have cult item for top Makeup Artists, Bloggers and Reviewers world-wide! We are that confident that you will LOVE your new BrowSoap and the INSTANT thickness and volume it gives your brows! Brow Styling. BrowSoap 24hr BrowSoap can be used slightly wet or dry. Use slightly wet to give you instant thickness, fullness and hold the brows perfect with ULTIMATE hold! BrowSoap 24hr BrowSoap does not flake and dries crystal clear. Using it dry gives you the same results but less hold. Directions for use: Wet your spooly/brush and shake off excess water. Rub the spooly/brush across the product. Brush through the brows, don't be scared to layer it up for all day hold. The more product you put through the more thicker and fuller the brows look and feel. Brow Growth. BrowSoap not only GROWS your own natural brows thicker and fuller, but trains your brow hairs to grow into shape and INSTANTLY adds thickness, fullness and definition to your brows! BrowSoap contains Aloe Vera. Used daily, over time your own natural brows will grow thicker, fuller and stronger. Aloe Vera is filled with rich minerals and vitamins that are essential for hair growth. Proteolytic enzymes are present in Aloe Vera which repairs dead skin cells, hydrates and strengthens hair follicles. All of this nourishes and conditions your brows from the inside out thus creating more beautiful brows the natural way! It takes approx 6-8 weeks to notice the growth in your natural hairs due to your brow hair cycle. For brow growth and/or to train your brow hairs to grow in an upright position, we recommend using it both morning and night for at least 6-8 weeks. Ensure you are putting enough product on to 'set' the brows (we recommend using it slightly wet for this). Our 30gm tin ensures this product will last you months even with daily use, when applied correctly.

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