Brow Soap vs Brow Gel: Which is Right for You?

Brow Soap vs Brow Gel: Which is Right for You?

Brow Soap vs Brow Gel: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to achieving the perfect brow look, the tools and products you use can make all the difference. Two popular choices are brow soap and brow gel. Both have their unique benefits and can help you achieve different styles. In this article, we’ll break down the differences between brow soap and brow gel, helping you decide which is best for your beauty routine.

What is Brow Soap?

Brow soap is a product designed to help shape and set your eyebrows. It typically comes in a compact form and is used with a spoolie brush. The concept behind brow soap is similar to the old Hollywood trick of using actual soap to set brows in place. This product provides a strong hold and helps achieve a fuller, more textured look. Brow soap is ideal for creating the trendy, feathered brow look that has become popular in recent years.

What is Brow Gel?

Brow gel, on the other hand, is a more traditional brow-setting product. It comes in a tube with a spoolie applicator, similar to mascara. Brow gels are available in clear and tinted formulas, providing both hold and colour to your brows. They are perfect for taming unruly hair and adding a polished finish to your look. Tinted brow gels can also fill in sparse areas, giving the appearance of fuller brows.

Comparing Brow Soap and Brow Gel

When deciding between brow soap and brow gel, it’s important to consider the look you want to achieve and your brow type.

Hold and Finish:

  • Brow Soap: Offers a strong hold that can keep even the most unruly brows in place all day. It provides a matte finish, which can make brows look thicker and more defined.
  • Brow Gel: Provides a flexible hold that can range from light to medium, depending on the product. It often leaves a slightly shiny finish, giving a more natural look.


  • Brow Soap: Requires a bit more effort to apply. You’ll need to wet your spoolie brush, rub it against the soap, and then comb through your brows. It may take a few tries to get the hang of it.
  • Brow Gel: Easy and quick to apply. Simply swipe the spoolie through your brows, and you’re good to go. This makes brow gel a great option for busy mornings or when you’re on the go.


  • Brow Soap: Best for creating bold, editorial looks. It’s perfect for those who love the feathered brow trend and want their brows to stay put all day.
  • Brow Gel: Versatile and suitable for everyday use. The tinted versions can also double as a filler, saving you time in your makeup routine.

Suitability for Brow Types:

  • Brow Soap: Works well for those with thicker brows who want to enhance their natural shape and volume.
  • Brow Gel: Ideal for all brow types, especially those with sparse or fine brows that need a bit of colour and volume.

Common Questions About Brow Soap and Brow Gel

Which one lasts longer?

Brow soap generally offers a longer-lasting hold compared to brow gel. If you need your brows to stay in place from morning till night, brow soap might be the better option.

Can I use both products together?

Absolutely! Many people use brow soap for shaping and setting their brows in place and then add a tinted brow gel for color and additional hold.

Is brow soap bad for your brows?

No, brow soap is not bad for your brows if used correctly. Just make sure to wash it off at the end of the day to avoid any buildup.

Can brow gel help with sparse brows?

Yes, tinted brow gels are great for filling in sparse areas and giving the appearance of fuller brows. They can add colour and volume, making your brows look more defined.


Choosing between brow soap and brow gel depends on your personal preferences and the look you want to achieve. Brow soap is perfect for those who love a strong hold and a bold, textured brow, while brow gel is versatile, easy to use, and great for adding colour and definition. Whatever your preference, having the right brow products in your beauty arsenal can help you achieve flawless brows every time.

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