Lash Tint: Adding Depth and Definition to Your Lifted Lashes

Lash Tint: Adding Depth and Definition to Your Lifted Lashes

At Beautique Lashes in Armstrong Creek, we offer a comprehensive Lash Tint service designed to complement our Lash Lift treatment. A Lash Tint enhances the appearance of your lifted lashes by adding depth and definition, making them appear fuller and more pronounced without the need for daily mascara application. This treatment is perfect for anyone looking to highlight their eyes effortlessly every day.

The Importance of Lash Tinting

Why Consider a Lash Tint?

Lash Tinting is a popular procedure that deepens the natural colour of your lashes, providing a lasting mascara-like effect. It is especially effective for individuals with lighter-coloured lashes who seek more visual impact or anyone looking to enhance the fullness of their lashes in a natural way.

Benefits of Lash Tinting

  • Enhanced Lash Appearance: Darkens lashes, providing greater visibility and prominence.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Enjoy the look of thicker and darker lashes for up to four weeks.
  • Time-Saving: Reduces the need for daily eye makeup application.
  • Great for Active Lifestyles: Ideal for those who swim or exercise regularly, as it is smudge-proof and waterproof.

How Lash Tinting Complements a Lash Lift

The Synergy Between Lifting and Tinting

While a Lash Lift provides the curl and elevation, a Lash Tint adds the necessary colour enhancement that defines and sharpens the appearance of each lash. When combined, these treatments offer a dramatic improvement, showcasing a fuller and more captivating eye look.

The Process: What to Expect During Your Lash Tint Session

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Consultation: Our technician will discuss your desired lash colour and assess the natural shade of your lashes to select the appropriate tint.
  2. Preparation: Lashes are cleansed thoroughly to remove oils and residue that might interfere with the tinting process.
  3. Application of the Tint: A specially formulated dye is carefully applied to your lashes, ensuring even coverage from root to tip.
  4. Setting Time: The tint sets for several minutes, depending on the desired intensity.
  5. Cleansing and Revealing: The dye is gently removed, revealing darker, more luscious lashes.

Aftercare for Lash Tinting

Maintaining the richness of your lash tint is simple:

  • Avoid oil-based eye makeup removers, as they can fade the tint faster.
  • Keep your lashes dry for at least 12 hours after the treatment.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, which can lighten the tint.

Why Choose Beautique Lashes for Your Lash Tint?

Our professionals at Beautique Lashes are not only trained in the art of lash lifting but also skilled in the precise application of lash tints. We use high-quality, hypoallergenic dyes that are safe for eye-area use, ensuring optimal results without compromising on safety.

Client Testimonials

Our clients often express how the combination of Lash Lift and Tint services has transformed their daily routine, offering a ready-to-go look that requires no additional makeup. The feedback consistently highlights the quality and durability of the tint and the professionalism of our technicians.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lash Tinting

  • How long does a lash tint last? A lash tint typically lasts four to six weeks, depending on your lash growth cycle and care routine.
  • Is lash tinting safe? Yes, when performed by a certified professional using high-quality, safe dyes, it is a very safe procedure.
  • Can I choose different tint colours? Yes, we offer a range of tint colours that can be tailored to your preference and natural lash colour.


Maximise the impact of your Lash Lift with a professional Lash Tint at Beautique Lashes in Armstrong Creek. This enhancement not only deepens the colour of your lashes but also adds significant definition, making your eyes stand out beautifully with minimal effort.

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